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Philips Avent 2 x Feeding Bottle anti-collic 260ml & 1 months+ Teats *BPA Free

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This Package includes 2 x Philips Avent anti-collic Feeding Bottles 260ml with 2 x 1 months+ Teats

The Philips Avent range of Feeding Bottles includes a new bottle made from BPA-Free materials. These bottles use Polyether Sulfone (PES), which are BPA-Free.

The Avent bottle's broad, soft silicone nipple mimics the shape and feel of the breast so Baby can suckle more naturally. Plus, a patented anti-vacuum valve allows air into the bottle as Baby feeds, so less air is swallowed than with conventional bottles. Wide neck design makes cleaning and filling easier too. Compatible for use with the Avent ISIS breast pump.

This duoble pack of 9-ounce/260ml bottles is a great way to round out your Avent feeding system. Avent is known for its broad, soft, silicone nipple, which mimics the shape and feel of the breast providing moms the flexibility to switch between bottle- and breastfeeding.

The naturally shaped nipple has a built-in anti-vacuum skirt and one-way air valve to ensure that liquid, rather than air, flows through the nipple and reduces baby’s chances of developing gas or colic. The bottles are a snap to assemble, can be reused, and their wide necks make them easy to clean and fill.

If you use the Avent Natural Feeding System, these 9-ounce bottles are fully interchangeable, allowing you to pump, store, and feed from the same bottle. Each bottle is made of durable, polycarbonate plastic and comes with a sealing cap to prevent leaks.

Philips Avent 9oz/260ml Bottle. The Avent Natural Feeding Bottle is recommended by many doctors. The Natural Feeding Bottle features a nipple with a unique anti-vacuum skirt and one-way air valve that has been clinically demonstrated to reduce colic. When baby sucks on the nipple, the skirt collapses inward, allowing small amounts of air into the bottle, replacing the milk at a rate the baby controls with its own suckling rhythm. Because this exchange of air into the bottle occurs throughout the feeding session, baby will get a continuous flow of milk.

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