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Thermoskin Wrist Thermal Support Size XL Beige 86216 Trioxon Advantage *NEW

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Thermoskin Wrist Thermal Support Size XL
Therpay for Sports Injuries, Arthritis and RSI

Thermoskin Wrist provides protection and mild support for the wrist and lower forearm area. Commonly used as an adjunct in the treatment of sprains, tendonitis and carpal tunnel.

Thermoskin is Made in Australia.

Material Content: Outer Lining: Nylon, Mid Layer: Rubber Foam, Inner Lining: Polyester. (Does not contain Latex).

Size Guide Measure evenly around wrist joint. We also have the following sizes available.

            S        M        L       XL
14-16 17-19 20-22 23-25

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